Imaginary: A horror dream we couldn't wake up from

Imaginary had the building blocks of a great horror movie. The well known imaginary friend turning evil trope wasn't milked to death and it definitely lulled you into a comfort before trying to give you the expected scare or twist. The movie failed in delivering the payoff of such a long build up . I understand the film is a PG13 and the film had to limit blood or gore as well as violence on screen. This felt akin to a goosebumps episode with a great budget made for TV. I never thought that I'd look at my watch so many times during this 1hr 44min movie. As a watcher you are teased with possible scary moments and teased for some psychological twist and just like that no payoff. Horror movies are not meant to be all to deep and intelectual, but this movie just underestimated the whole audience. There are example of films or horror content, like the aforementioned Goosebumps episodes, that still give the viewer a clear indication of a plot and still not keep you hostage for a mediocre ending. I would not recommend this film even for someone like me, who enjoys "Bad Movies" there is no saving grace , there is no over the top campiness and there is no saving this movie . Blumhouse dropped the ball and Five Night at Freddie's rises above imaginary. I watched it so you didn't have to

⭐ 1/5