S7 EP15: 1876 Pow Wow Punk
My Primos PodcastJune 24, 202401:17:05

S7 EP15: 1876 Pow Wow Punk

Que onda Primxs!? We have an amazing guest this week from the one and only #ndngenous #punk band we have Gabe from @1876band . We discuss how he was able to create a sound and message that was missing from the music scene. The women that guided him along the way , and we have the conversations we need to have as allies and Primxs with the #indigenous community. Great music , great conversations and great company , you really gotta listen to the whole show.
Music : intro "La Sigaunaba" by @sincolormusic
music break: "DGAF" by @1876band
outro: "We will remain" by @1876band
follow the band and lets support our primxs who are fighting for the same recognition and representation as we are. #unify #punkrock #latinx #latine #music #podcast #latinxpodcast #indigenouspunk #ndngenouspunk #trending #pop #culture #podcastlatino #musicpodcast
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