S7 EP13: Nawalli: the next level
My Primos PodcastJune 17, 202401:15:52

S7 EP13: Nawalli: the next level

que ondas Primxs ?
today we have the amazing team from @tecuanis @gonzzink Gonzalo Alvarez @gracelesslygraceful Grace Chadwick & Will Rogers @ivixorian. They talk about their #tcg @#nawalli the Aztec trading card game. They join us to talk about their new #kickstarter that adds a whole new level to the game and for its current players a new game mode! we also get some details on Gonzalo's Book #polloman .
music provided by @sincolormusic
intro: "La Siguanaba"
mid break: "Limonada"
end credits: "Frutas"
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